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Why Do I Need a CRM?

Apr 16, 2019

Quick story...If You're a contractor, You NEED to read this...

So my wife and I are looking to close in our back would turn into a nice addition/office that would open up our house a little more. 

For those of you follow me on Instagram (@PaintingStartup) I talk frequently about the BNI group I'm in. (Awesome networking resource if you're not already in one!) 

Anyway, there's a general contractor in there - let's call him Todd. Todd's been doing GC work for over 20 years. 

So, I invited Todd over to give me an estimate...

His knowledge was profound, his promise seemed unparalleled, his punctuality and his demeanor second-to-none...

Honestly, I wanted to hire him then and there. We had already set out a budget for the job, but if he was anywhere NEAR it, we would definitely have adjusted because of his tenure, experience, and the way he presented himself...

So, before we parted ways, I had just got done filming the CRM course. I know this would be useful to any business besides painters, so I asked out of curiosity:

"Hey Todd, just are you keeping track of your clients?" 

"Honestly, don't laugh...I have stacks and stacks of active clients I put on a big whiteboard in my office...I need something better"

I was shook. Seriously, shook. How can someone like this FUNCTION without a CRM.

Long story short, 4 days had passed. I still haven't received his estimate. 

I texted him...

"Hey Todd, any luck with that estimate?" 

No response...

I called him...

"Hey Todd, you get a chance to put together that estimate?" 

"Yeah, sorry man, I got about 4-5 ahead of you right now...going to be a day or two.."

A day or two passed...

Nothing, nada...zilch. 

He easily missed out on 10 Grand...EASILY. 


Because - he has ZERO organization, within his organization. 

In my business? I use a CRM. 

It's a Customer Relationship Management tool. 

"Tanner, what's that do?"


That simple. 

I make the software work for me...It gives me reminders, I can send proposals out of it, and most importantly it allows me to categorize people in each phase of their interaction with us...

So in Todd's case, I would have classified myself as:

"In Need of Written Estimate"

I would of set a Task Reminder:

"Email Tanner's Estimate in Two Days" 

And I would have sent a follow-up email:

"Pending Estimate Follow Up: "Hey Tanner, hang tight! A few estimates are in front of yours, in order for us to adequately price our jobs, it takes a little time to conjure up the costs...we will have your estimate shortly, and notify you via email once it's ready..." 

Then I would have put together the estimate, and sent that email out:

"Project Proposal": Hey Tanner, thanks for your patience! Attached is the estimate you requested!" 


That simple...

But, with a stack of note books, and a jumbled white board...that's not getting done...EVER.

Don't be like Todd. Get a CRM. And if you get one, and you want me to train you on EXACTLY how to use it...

Click here: I put together an 8 Lesson Training on EXACTLY how to utilize this amazing tool that will literally change your business FOREVER! 


Thanks for reading all that...I really appreciate you taking the time!


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