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3 NEED TO KNOW Tips For Selling Paint Jobs

May 19, 2019

So, I was having a conversation with one of my students regarding selling more paint jobs. 

I told him to first recognize selling paint jobs as THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR BUSINESS...

More important than...Production

More important than...Marketing

More important than...Anything

It's the backbone. Without sales, there is NO MONEY. Without money, people usually tend to not want to work for you. 

So with that said, I'd like to give you my 3 MOST valuable tips for selling paint jobs...

Tip 1: People are hiring you to bring their vision to them see their vision more clearly. 

It's important to highlight how you plan to bring their vision to life. But you know what's even more important? ASKING them what their vision is! This is such an overlooked part of the sales process. Sometimes we're so concerned with "getting back to the job" or "selling them" that we skip over identifying what's important to them. 

So, here's what you do...When you introduce yourself, as this question: "What's the story? Why did you invite us here today?" 

You're guaranteed to get a feel for what's important to them...Works every single time. 

Tip 2: People WILL buy from you ON THE SPOT. 

What's the sense in running home, piling your "to-do" estimates on top of what you already have to do when you get home? There is no point. Actually, 90% of the estimates I give are done On The Spot. (We've sold $83,000 in paint job this month alone) 

So, ask yourself...why aren't you estimating on the spot? It's killing your time with your loved one, and it's killing your closing ratio. 

Tip 3: You're the expert, act like it. 

Are you letting your clients guide you through the estimate? Or are you taking control of the situation? Think of it this way...when you go into a restaurant, do you ask the hostess to find you a seat? Do you ask the server to take your order? ...let me guess, do you ask the cook to cook your meal? NO! 

So, don't let the homeowner direct the interaction, you're in charge...You need to take control every step of the way and show them how professional your process is, starting with the Sales Experience. 

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