The $1.1 Million Sales Process

"Your price is too high"

"Everything looks great, but we want to get more estimates

"Ok, we'll be in touch!

Ever hear that before?

Just to drive by the house a week or so later seeing your competitor working there? Or better yet, it already painted? 

Doing "Free Estimates?" Well, Let's see what those  really cost you:  

  • Time you could be spending marketing your company
  • Time you could be spending managing your team 
  • Time you could be spending doing something more productive for your business than someone wasting your valuable time 
  • Money wasted on gas & traveling 
  • An opportunity to fill up a week for your team 

Well, if any of that infuriates you, I'm with you. Because in all seriousness, it infuriated me. 


My name's Tanner. I'm the founder of Painting Startup. I, too own a House Painting Business. (Premium Painting, Inc) And I, too couldn't stand when people wasted my time.

Why? Because I did everything right:

  • Showed up on time
  • Accurately answered their questions... 
  • Offered my expertise with enthusiasm...
  • Built rapport...
  • Priced the job fairly...

I just couldn't understand why people weren't giving me a resounding "YES!" once I presented them the price? 

  • I have a reputable business...
  • I have a reputable brand... 
  • I wanted to do a GREAT job for the homeowner... 

Yet, they still told me they wanted to "get more estimates", it was "too high", or they'll "think about it, and call me back..."

In other words... the answer was "NO" 

The worst part? When someone said one of those objections to me, I didn't have anything to say...I'd say:

  • "Ok... Thank you for your time"
  • "Ok...Look forward to hearing from you"
  • "Ok...Have a nice day"

The truth is, it wasn't OK. It was actually breaking my business. At the time, I had 4 guys to find work for...

We weren't "booming" by any means... We were booked for 1 more week. 

How can I tell 4 guys that they don't have work for an entire week? 

These guys live paycheck to paycheck...

I had to figure something out. 

After a long drive home from a "FREE" estimate, which was over an hour away...(two hours of driving in total) 

I finally did something about it. 

I sat down, wrote down everything I could about my sales process... From my initial phone call to my final handshake... 

What I realized? 

I didn't have a process.

I didn't have a system. 

I was directionless. I was letting the homeowner control the sales experience. 

In other words, I went into the house without an objective...essentially, I'd let them tell me if they wanted to buy instead of me showing them why they needed to buy. 

A lightbulb went off. 

This was a GAME CHANGER.

I began breaking it down even further... I realized that people buy painting jobs for one of two reasons:

Reason #1: They Want a paint job. 

- This is when someone either wants to change the color, or maybe just freshen up the walls. 

Reason #2: They Need a paint job. 

This is the most common. They're selling or buying, the HOA is on them about it, there are cracks on the walls, the paint is chipping or fading. 

Crazy right? Two simple reasons. Want or Need

Got it. 

So, I decided when I get to the house, I would first figure out which of these two reasons were what I like to call the: Buyer's Motivation 

I asked the question and could easily identify what their motive was: Want or Need. Sweet.

Next, I realized a ton of people had a big issue with picking colors. Why? Probably because there's 10 Million of them. (or so...) 

Well, I couldn't wait around for them to decide on colors...

In most cases, I had to schedule the job for the following week!

(Remember, at this time we only had maybe 1 or 2 jobs booked at a time) 

So, I came up with my second question: "Have you chosen colors yet?" 

This is the only foreseeable barrier in terms of production that would postpone the project. So I wanted to help them get it out of the way. 

So, I would promise them to paint a few samples on the wall to help them decide. They loved it. 

Lastly, I needed to know if them signing the agreement today was even a possibility... So I came up with question #3:

"If everything lines up today, how soon are you looking to get the job done?

This is what I call: Seller's Motivation

Essentially this lets me understand where they are in terms of timeframe.

(You'd be so surprised how many people say "as soon as you can") Which is a GREAT answer for a salesperson as you could imagine... 

And it was crazy. I mean... CRAZY. It wasn't just the fact that I essentially DOUBLED my closing rate, It was the fact that

I created a systematic sales process that put me in the driver seat of the sale.

Once I knew those 3 questions, I knew exactly how to approach each phase of the estimate process. 

I got so good at it, that I've sold $1.1 Million in Residential Repaint sales (and this is the start of my 3rd full year) 

Now look. My goal from the beginning has always been to help painters learn how to sell. 

Why? Because some of you know that my dad was a painter. Back in the day, he was killing it! 

Off of word of mouth...

With no systems... 

By himself...

Breaking his butt... 

Until the recession hit. 

He had to go out and find his own work... 

He ran into the same thing I'm trying to help you with...

"We'll let you know..." 

"We're gonna get a few more estimates..."

"Your price is too high..."

And he had the same answer we all have had...


And it put our family through turmoil. Electric was shut off, having to stay at a friends house, no internet, no TV...Struggling to acquire the necessities. Even having to gather food from the local food pantry. 

I remember the pain it caused. 

And I don't want anyone in this business (the business I love) to experience that because they don't know how to sell. 

I figured it out the formula. 

So, here's the deal... I put together a 12-Lesson training that teaches this stuff in WAY more detail

I'm not going to twist your arm. You have to want to learn this stuff. 

You have to take notes...You have to implement it... 

You have to ask ME questions about it if you get confused (Which I'm always open to) 

But most importantly, you have to decide. You have to decide if you want to take back your profit. 

The way I see it? Your profit is being diminished by your competition...

Because you're not closing the deal before they have a chance to estimate...

Because you don't have a sales process in place...

Because you're really good at "painting" and not as good at "selling"...

Well, if you want to succeed in this business - You have to be good at both. 

This training will help you do that.

Now, you could probably take the information on this page, apply it to your sales process and see results.... or you can dissect, learn it, and DOMINATE it.  

12 lessons. Watch them over and over again until you lock it in. 

Seriously...This will change the game for you. 

Look at what Skylar JUST sent me last night about how it's working for him: 

I'm Ready To Learn

Are you ready to have your OWN success story? Join today!


Aaron (@aaron_thepainter) sent me this the second day after he joined the Sales Mastery Course...


People ask me all the time:

I own a business, and we send all of our estimates through email. How can this help me?

My answer is simple...

Sending estimates through email takes time...

Following up takes time... 

The last thing I want to do after a long day of selling, working, managing and producing is to get home and hammer out 4 painting estimates online...

Just for them to click it and for me to never hear from them again...

This system makes it easy to sell on the spot so you don't have to waste your valuable time... 

And one more MAJOR point...

Selling is all about making a connection... getting someone to:

  1. Know you...
  2. Like you...
  3. Trust you...

It's hard to do that through an email, especially for something as high ticket as house painting... 

So you (as a salesperson) have to pay attention to social cues... 

You have to be able to handle their objections...

You have to show them why YOU are the right choice for them...

It's hard to do that when they open your high-tech email with a thousand different things...

Just to scroll down to the price...

and immediately rule you out...

They WONT answer the phone when you call...

They WONT email you back...

They WONT hire you...

They'll just go with the competitor...because he's cheaper. 

Well it's time to change that.

This training will give you the exact tools you need to change the game once and for all.


Matt was so happy about it he even agreed to do this awesome video testimonial...


Are you ready to have your OWN success story? Join today!


Seriously, I don't want to waste your time.


This training isn't for everyone. 

It's specifically designed for people who are serious about growing and even more serious about learning and more importantly GROWING their business...

Selling is the NUMBER ONE skill in business...I'm literally giving you all of the tools, systems, and knowledge that I've developed to scale to  $750,000 PER YEAR...(Seriously, there's no other training like this out there... you WILL close more jobs) 

BEFORE you commit, I have to make sure you know what to expect...

Information alone doesn't do anything...As a business coach, my aim is RESULTS...not FLUFF. 

You have to be willing to put what you learn from me into action...That means taking the time to study it...learning it...cultivating it...and implementing it. 

This training is for serious business owners who want to take their business to the next level...So with that said: 

It's time to grow... You in? 



Scott is CRUSHING it in Canada with the ON THE SPOT Sales Mastery Training...


Are you ready to have your OWN success story? Join today!


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